XT-111MA 11-In-1 Docking Station

USB-C to USB3.0x4 Hub + HDMI + VGA 

3.5mm phone jack TRRS +RJ45 + SD&TF Card Reader + USB PD


– Gigabit Ethernet provide stable internet connections.

– Supports HDMI @ 4K@30Hz.

– Supports VGA @ 1080p.

– USB-C PD 3.0 charging ability, Max 60W.

– HDMI & VGA can output at the same time

  (resolution up to 1080p).

By connecting your laptop to a docking station, you can transform it into a full-fledged desktop workstation. This allows you to work with a larger external monitor or multiple displays, use a full-sized keyboard and mouse, and access additional storage or backup options. It enhances your productivity and provides a more comfortable and efficient working environment.

We know everyone now wanted to have more convenient either for your mac book or laptop or even your mobile devices.

Let’s expand more multi-port from your mobile phone or laptop

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