XTC-224 2-Port HDMI USB KVM Switch


  • Supports dual monitor extended display and each display.
  • Supports resolution: 480i, 480p, 576i, 720p,
  • 1080i, 1080p, 4K*2K@30Hz
  • Supports 3D
  • Up to 48bit color depth
  • HDCP compliant device

An HDMI KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch is a device that allows you to control multiple computers or devices using a single set of keyboard, video (monitor), and mouse. It enables you to switch between different computers or devices and manage them from a single workstation, eliminating the need for multiple keyboards, monitors, and mice.

Route high definition video in multiple resolutions up to 4K2K plus digital from any of the four HDMI sources to extended display and each display.

Channel Selection:

You can select the channel you want to access in two ways, front panel push button selection and the remote control included with the package content.

Front Panel Push Button Selection:

The front panel pushing button is used to select which channel is currently displayed on the HDTV. Pressing the button during normal operation will cause the next channel to be selected.

Remote Control Selection:

The channel can also be selection through the attached remote. Push the IR code button on remote control panel.



Input ConnectorHDMI/F x 4 USB/ B type x 4
Output ConnectorHDMI/F x 2 USB/ A type x 3
Selection MethodFront Push Button/ IR remote, Holkey
Transmission Max2 Meter/ 15 Meter (24 AWG Cable)
Ex Power AdaptorDC 5V3A
Dimensions (mm)171(L)x75.5(W)x 46.5(H)


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